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About me

Author photoMy name is Victor Slavutinsky, I am 36 old, I am consulting psychologist. My clients are adult people who feel that their own attitude to life makes them troubles, free to change it independently, have need in right direction only. Common problems that we solve together is individual development difficulties, communications and interactions complications, young pair relations troubles. If You have decided that my consultation can help You then address to me by that contacts:

Phone in Russia +7 (968) 671-52-05
Skype vitosnet
ICQ 335 042 363

There is part of problems that we had to solve successfully in some degree: irritation about partner intellectual weakness, "No" saying skill absence, appearance complexes, uncontrollable jealousy, confusion about lack of partner wish to conform with social norms, excessive parents exactingness, uneasiness about absence of partner wish to make common plans, lack of self reliance in new companies, anxiety about possible look and behavior low appraisals, negative minds and worries connected with dismissal by unprofessional reasons, lack of interest to own professional activity, "another wrong partner" situation reiterations, constraint and fears of integrity loss, potential partner promises breach, unrest about lack of partner attention, decision making complications, certainty about common future with partner absence, uneasiness about possible partner reaction to independent and important decision, anxiety about parents reaction to objectively right but going against their will decision, worries about lack of ability to find and acquire right stuff.

If You have some doubts in my proffessionality then number of my state diploma of higher psychological education is ΒΡΓ 3364686, diploma registration number is 0920180.

If You have interest in me as whole then You can visit my site or Live Journal page It mostly on Russian, so please use translator. And You can find my page on Facebook too, it mostly on English, but contains different minds and moods generally.

About Autopsychologist

Please take in mind that authors note prior to follow any Autopsychologist recommendations. Statistical analysis of that site respondents data shows, for now, that happiness of average human does not connected with his/her world view, straightening of which is base of Autopsychologist logic, directly. But connection of happiness with prosperity is 99.99% reliable and 2/3 strong. Prosperity connected with world view, with reliability of 98% and power of 1/3. So following to recommendations would not make You happier directly, but it could make You a bit richer, and a bit happier therefore.

Still that result is not more than 98% reliable yet, and it is not possible to say if human looks on world somehow because he/she is rich, or he/she is rich because he/she looks on world somehow. So You may follow to recommendations, but think for Yourself.

Shortly, development of human can be conventionally represented as progressing through seven age periods and nine levels, and each of these levels can be seen as lesson. There is that lesons:
Define by object.
Make by action.
Act by force.
Attach by nearness.
Attract by love.
Excite by comprehension.
Teach by creation.
Create by clearness.
Clarify by peace.
You can define or make differently, but result in all other cases is lifeless and incapable of independent activity or both excessive and unconcrete. This occurs because each level of development is particular case of next level.
Problems of adult can not be solved by child solutions, fundamentally. Adult solutions is too complicated and common for child problems. Attempt to solve by inappropriate means would lead only to life lessons, various apparently, but identical in essence. It is statistically proved fact. Practically, each of psychologist clients had made attempts to do so before had become client, and wrong correlation of same ages lead different people to same problems.

You can find that lessons in popular wisdom, or hear about it from old men. Psychologist would see it in synthesis of Abraham Harold Maslow hierarchy of needs and Erik Homburger Erikson stages of psychosocial development. Esoteric would see it in Indian chakras sequence, Tibetian Buddhism and Bon tradition energy channels. To those who are on path of independent spiritual development Diamond Sutra of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha can be recommended as intellectual practice, and Lotus Sutra as spiritual practice manual. Theoretically these two would be enough to reach same or near conclusions independently.

Commonly, human go through that levels sequentially, see already learnt lessons clearly, have some irrelevant to self delusions about future. But, by means of interlevel communications, support illusions of some people by other people becomes possible, based on best intentions mainly. Meanwhile, development going faster closer to beginning of it, and human ability to make troubles to own self or gain experience by it grows faster than ability of others to persuade or protect human from experience. World view changes in any case, and character changes as result. It is fact, statistically proved by research, in which, including psychologist Svetlana Havanova help, more than hundred of people was questioned.

That is theory. Practice is, as example, introduced test.

If You are interested in knowing a bit more about worldview consultation then You could read next scientific article .

About Ideal Partner

There is no fundamental conflicts based on different active attitudes to life in really good pair relations. As example, if one of partners consider that actions must be calculated, and another think that deeds must be feelings based, then second regularly breaks plans of first. There is no such conflicts in long term relations easily. It is fact, statistically proved by research of psychologist Svetlana Havanova who had questioned tens of adult pairs with that test by my request. Amongst them pairs which could have such conflict was not presented. At all.

In normal pair there is, instead of conflicts, mutual understanding, mutual sympathy, mutual practical aid. You can live with other human without it, but then too much begin to occurs aside, with some other people, and risk of partner leaving for that side arises.

More, in really good pair partners catch initiatives of each other on the fly. Thoughts, feelings, deeds, it all is common round dance for both. Again, You can live with other human without it, but then a whole bunch of people must take part in relations, whose would to create round of needs instead of initiatives, just because there can not be long relations without some periodicity. Real pairs wake up together because both want to. Other pairs wake up together because both need to go to work. Third difficult to call pairs at all, because they wake up in different times and different places.

Certainly, most of people have some preferences. Some of that preferences rooted so deep that is difficult to change it, even on at relatively deep wish. As example, it is unlikely that one who already used to act deliberately could start to act as romantic, and hardly that one could live with real romantic long, even if wish to do so.

But it is no problem. That one could to do otherwise, find or meet practical who feel admiration to things that one do, and have plenty good emotions in pair as result. In most cases problem solves that way, by selection, because it is hard to change self and impossible to change other.

So, commonly question of private life is question of cancellations of forced wishes that can be realized in fact but can not be implemented with proper results. You must to understand that if You are romantic then You can build relations with rationalist really, but only for short time. Even if that rationalist are good one and excites You to admiration. Just because growth of that admiration go on slower than growth of annoyance that occurs obligatory if no correspondence of main preferences presented.

Unfortunately, commonly is commonly only. Some people have really serious troubles with appropriate partner search. Some of them are too exacting, so others run from them. Others are too closed, people do not seek to them. At last, some are to closed, but have great needs in others. They seek to them but conflict with them constantly, because of their constant interference in private own.

All listed troubles is some personal preferences results. All of it can be solved in case that own relations is more important than own habits. But there is no possibility of normal pair building without solution of it. You can not change others really. If You have problems in that sense then You are in need to change Your self. There is no other way.

That is theory and practice, while test is pretty simple on itself.

About site

Autopsychologist and Ideal Partner is computer realization of some of my methods, psychological tests that fulfilled in form of internet site. As opposition to most test that two can give to You valid recommendations for Your attitude to life changing. As any other test it is limited, gives only defined amount of variants to choice, and subjective in some degree, because created by human. Questions, interpretations and recommendations of it is averaged to fit everyone, so, it may be difficult to get reason of it in some concrete cases. But even such, limited and subjective, it can give to You enough truthful reflection and enough reasonable recommendations.

You may find interest in see Your self and get it.

This site is open source software that distributable on base of GPL license with some additions and additional restrictions. If You become interested or want to use that site, tests, or theories that it based on in relations to other people, then get to know about it more here.

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