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This site is open source software that distributed with justification by general public license GPL with modifications and additions that described below. You are free to use that site, source code of it, source theories of it, that text, in any wishful way in relation to Your self.

But if You have use, had use, or intend to use source theories, source code, test, site, or derivatives of it, in any relation instead of relation to Your self, then, please, read the license to know what You can do and what You can not.


0) In that license this site, tests of it, source theories of it, any derivatives of if, including derivatives that made by others, called "test".

1) If You use this test as mean or source of any actions in relations with other people, then You agree to:

a) Distribute to them this test, information about openness of it, ways of accessing to it, including internet address of that site, in clear to them form, before any other actions in relations to them.

b) Distribute to them and anybody else any Your modifications of that test and Your additions to it, and information about that modifications and additions, clearly, openly, free of charge.

Particularly, if You have any internet access then You agree to create and maintain site that contain, in clear for average level user form and free of charge, information about any Your modifications and additions of that test, including source codes and instructions, and distribute information about that Your site to any person in relation with whom You have actions on base of that test. If You have not internet access then You agree to distribute Your modifications and additions to society in that accessible to You way that easier for others to get it.

c) Make Your actions without any obligatory payment for those of it that defined by test straightly, particularly, without any obligatory connection of defined by that test actions with any Your paid actions.

You have the right to receive payment for any actions outward of test, particularly, for personal adaptation of test and test results that goes beyond common algorithm that You could define.But You agree to distribute test itself without any payment, and to clear and definite deny of using this test in conditional dependence of any Your paid actions.

If You distribute this test on alienable storage media, than You have right to receive payment for that media, because media is outward of test. But You agree to distribute this test, besides and separately of paid form, in accessible and free of charge form. If that free form could not exist then You agree to limit media and recording of it fee by price that equal or less that average price of media minimal required for test recording size and recording of it.

d) Use this test as mean of common purposes achievement instead of Your own aims, goals of any group of people, or even other human targets if other human clearly oppose that targets to objects of other human or people.

This test can be used as mean of help to self knowing or as psychology consultation base. But You agree to clear and define definite deny of using this test as mean of segregation, opposition, confrontation.

If You make science, but that making is pointed to Your own targets or some scientists group goals achievement instead of purposes of helping to people and human You deal with then You can not use this test in Your scientific efforts without violation of this license. You can not use this test for selection or helping to ones who use their knowledge and understanding against others.

Source code

This site written on php and use MySQL as database engine. You can freely receive site source code. on condition of agreement with GPL and modifications and additions that described above.

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